Boston Mifgash – Days 5 & 6 – American Jews

One of the main goals of the Boston Mifgash is to reveal to the Haifa students a secret that is usually well-kept in Israel – the existence of a thriving, diverse, and fascinating American-Jewish community. These past two days, perhaps more than all the rest, were designed as a vertical and horizontal overview of theContinue reading “Boston Mifgash – Days 5 & 6 – American Jews”

Boston Mifgash – Days 3 & 4 – Simcha, Torah

It seems as if we have known each other for years and not just a couple of days! Sunday was another beautiful day in New York City. We had one last Israeli-American breakfast, packed up and spent the morning in the Lower East Side of New York where we visited the Tenement Museum. While weContinue reading “Boston Mifgash – Days 3 & 4 – Simcha, Torah”

Boston Mifgash – Days 1 & 2 – New Friends

Normally, a new friend would be someone you got to know at school, on a team, at work, or through common friends, with whom – after some time – you become close enough to call a friend. There are, however, very rare moments in which you meet someone new for the very first time, knowing theyContinue reading “Boston Mifgash – Days 1 & 2 – New Friends”

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