Boston Mifgash – Day 0

Day Zero is the calm before the storm. It’s the day in which both groups – the Americans and the Israelis – get ready for the anticipated mifgash (meeting), each in their own way.

For the Americans, it’s a day to get their ducks in a row – finish their homework for the week, tidy up the room in which their guest will stay, pack their bags, set their intentions for the weekend – and the week to come – and rest up before they head to New York.

As for the Israelis, Day Zero’s main objective is to get their jet-lag under control, after a 12-hour flight from Ben Gurion Airport. Do you know of a better way to get adjusted to the city than strolling its streets, bridges and parks for hours? Given, we had to do so because they landed at 5am and check-in at the hostel is at 4pm, but nonetheless – staying up and active during the day will guarantee a good night’s sleep and a fresh start on Day One.

We began the day bright and early with a nourishing breakfast at the iconic Three Decker Diner, and walked it off by crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, by foot, admiring the Manhattan skyline as it was slowly revealed to us. From there we headed to check out one of the cities newest and coolest addition – Little Island, and concluded our journey walking the High Line, and dining at the delicious Chelsea Market.

It’s hard what the last two and a half years had been like for Hostelling International – our beloved hostel in the City, but we sure are glad they made it through. The group was thrilled to check-in at this international hub on the Upper West Side, settle in their comfy rooms, and end the day with some New York Pizza.

Tomorrow – the groups meet for the first time.

From the horse’s mouth

Today was quite interesting, we just landed and without hesitation started to walk. It was fun and I’m glad that I spent the first day like that. – Eden

Today was “too good to be true”. I still can’t believe that we actually made to the USA. Today was great and hope that all the 11 would be as good as today. – Liel

Today was tough, we landed and straight away we started walking around New York. The first day was scary and stressful, but mostly exciting. I’m mostly proud of myself for being here! – Adi

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