MetroWest MLK Day of Service – Sunday, January 15 2023

Thank YOU to all our volunteers who participated in the 2023 MetroWest MLK Day of Service!

Thanks to each and every one of you, whether you participated in-person or with a kit, we were able to meet the goals of making 150 banana breads, 95 lasagnas, 80 soup jars, nearly 100 Stars of Hope and more than a dozen desks!


Your valuable time and efforts have provided support for the following organizations:

Harmony Grove Elementary School

SMOC (South Middlesex Opportunity Council)
Pearl Street Homeless Shelter

Clinton House Shelter

Pathways Shelter

Gordon Street Shelter

Sudbury Community Food Pantry
New Hope Inc.
Father Bill’s & MainSpring

MetroWest MLK Day of Service in the media

We were humbled to receive the attention of multiple new outlets, and are grateful for them amplifying the important work all of you have done.

With Gratitude

As always, our gratitude goes to CJP and our friends at JTI – Brett Lubarsky and Leash Finkelman for their support of this event, alongside our sponsors – DCU, Needham Bank, Middlesex Savings Bank, Trader Joe’s, Wegman’s, Market Basket.


We thank What the World Needs Right Now – the amazing band who lifted our spirits and Rabbi Josh Breindel for inspiring us for action.


We are grateful to Temple Beth Am – Rabbi Sam Blumberg, Cantor David Wolff, Ellen Jagher and Vivo Moshe for making us all feel at home. 


Above all, thank you to our longtime partner, the relentless Barry Glass of Volunteer Ventures MA, for making this event happen.


Special thanks to to our Leadership Team, which included many J-LOFT teens and parents, who spent hours before and after the event setting up, measuring, baking, cleaning, and delivering. 


MLK Leadership Team:

Elijah Breindel
Fiona and Joseph Brown

Matthew Fialkow

Lily Fraser

Joe Gann

Hannah and Andrea Geller

Rohan and Sarah Green Vaswani

Ryan Guiel

Mari Keefe

Lev Kotler-Berkowitz

Eliana and Mark Krasnow

Lori Kreidberg

Gabby, Gracie, Stephanie and Jonathan Lapat

Ari Leigh

Ema and Joseph Morgovsky

Sabina Psetka

Jada Silbert

Noah and Ethan Sonnenberg

Ilan Yampolsky