Spring Semester – 2022

Jews in Space: Fantasy and Science Fiction through a Jewish Lens

Jewish authors and actors have made a huge impact on American F&SF, blending wondrous stories with teachings from the Jewish tradition. From short stories to TV, from comics to movies, we’ll explore how these works can inspire our imaginations and deepen our connection to Judaism.

Big Questions:
What is the Meaning of Life?

We often wonder what life is all about, and sometimes what we think about life’s purpose differs from what we’ve been taught. In this class, we’ll explore some Jewish answers to what life means, and we’ll help each other develop our own responses to this question.

HiBuR – Exploring Green Innovations with Israeli Students

Create personal relationships with students in Haifa, Israel, and together explore how issues such as climate change are addressed in both places, and discover creative and innovative solutions and ideas.

Social Justice Academy

A follow up to the fall semester’s RAC program (though new students are welcome!), we will continue to dive into issues of social justice and discuss them from our own personal and Jewish perspectives.