Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Thanks to our partnership with Hugim, the public High School in Haifa, HiBuR is one of the safest ways in which one can travel to Israel. As guests of Hugim, we travel as a de-facto Israeli school group, and are privy to the same high security measures received by every Israeli public school, including our own security detail and medic when traveling off-site and daily check-ins with the Ministry of Defense situation room for updates and alerts.


In addition, our trip is focused on parts of Israel that are safer than others – we do not come close to the Gaza Strip, and do not travel through the West Bank (except Rt. 1 to the Dead Sea and back).


Dietary Accommodation

Throughout the years, HiBuR has been able to accommodate for many participant with light to severe allergies and sensitivities, as well as different ideological dietary restrictions. Our staff is EpiPen trained, and both us and the Israeli host families go above and beyond to to nurture each and every one of our teens to make sure their needs are met.



We are closely monitoring the Covid situation both in the States and in Israel, and will update the program’s protocols accordingly.