The Partnership

The Partnership: A Pluralistic Approach

Teens who participate in HiBuR come from a wide range of Jewish backgrounds – Reform, Conservative, Secular, Traditional, and everything in between. Throughout the program, participants take part in services the activities in each others temples, homes, and communities, which allows them to be committed to their beliefs and traditions, while exploring those of others around them.

Food served in the program is kosher-style, though more strict adherences can be met if required. In addition, students who keep kosher will be staying at kosher homes when in Haifa. While the program does include travel on Shabbat, alternatives will be provided if requested.

The HiBuR program is offered through J-LOFT, which is operated collaboratively by a group of Reform, Conservative, and Independent congregations from the Boston Metrowest area, and is supported by CJP’s Boston-Haifa Committee.

While members of the partnering synagogues receive a higher subsidy, like all J-LOFT programs, HiBuR is open to both affiliated and non-affiliated teens.