About Us

Vision Statement

A diverse community of Jewish teens who feel strong in their Jewish identity, bonded with other Jews, responsible for repairing the world, and empowered to live Jewishly throughout their lives.

Mission Statement

J-LOFT connects and empowers Jewish teens through meaningful opportunities for relevant learning, personal growth, relationship building, and social action.

How does it work?

By being part of J-LOFT, Jewish students from the MetroWest area can participate in a variety of classes, courses, and programs (known as tracks), offered by a team of local clergy members and educators.

In addition to the different tracks, J-LOFT hosts a program-wide gathering one Sunday a month, which is more social in nature, giving space for all out teens to get together as one community.

J-LOFT is open to all teens in grades 8-12, regardless of temple affiliation, and is intended to complement, and not substitute individual synagogues’ Religious or Hebrew School programs. In fact, many students who attend J-LOFT do so in addition to their own temple’s programs.

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105 Hudson Rd, Sudbury, MA 01776