2022-23 Tracks

With both local and international travel becoming available again, J-LOFT offers a variety of educational experiences for teens, all the way from 8th to 12th grade.

Service Trip to New Orleans

Join us for a week long trip to New Orleans, where we will partner up with a local youth organization to rebuild and repair homes that were damaged in recent climate events.

The Mystery of the Golem

The Golem is a creature of mystery and deep power.  Made from the clay and animated by divine power, the Golem obeys its creator…but often at a terrible price.  From Rabbinic legends to medieval magic, from early silent movies to modern films, we’ll explore how this dynamic figure continues to shape Jewish (and Western) art and stories.

Jews and Comedy

Not to lean into a stereotype, but why are Jews so funny?! In this Track, led by Rabbi Poirier, we’ll watch a few of our greatest comedians, from classics to modern stars, and discuss how the Jews got such a funny bone!

A Musical Tour of Israel Through MP3s and MTV

Listen to, learn about, discuss, and debate the best Israeli music from 1948 through today! We’ll enjoy recordings, music videos, check out lyrics in English translation, and maybe even learn a few Hebrew words along the way.


Jewish authors and actors have made a huge impact on American F&SF. From short stories to TV, comics to movies, we’ll explore how these works can inspire our imaginations and deepen our connection to Judaism.

L’Taken Seminar in Washington D.C.

The weekend seminar in December, hosted by the Religious Action Center, and the program leading up to it (starting in September) are open to teens in grades 9-12.

Big Questions: Who Wrote the Torah?

Was it God? People? A divinely-inspired combination of God and people? Something else entirely? In this track led by Rabbi Blumberg, we will learn about various Jewish approaches to the authorship of the Torah, and we will explore how our own personal answer to this question affects our relationship to Judaism.